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SILVER EAGLE with Cope Quick
Silver Eagle Hydraulic Notching

Notching Station -

1/4" mild steel*, 5/32" stainless steel** capacity
8-7/8" x 8-7/8" 90 degree notch
Super size table, 43" wide by 31" deep
Milled bed surface for no float or stick operation
Moveable electrical foot pedal
Front to back cutting to hold material against stop
Adjustable stroke, 35 to 50 per minute
Two material hold downs
Two heavy duty stops with 12" sliding bars
Scale and T-shot left to right at front of bed
Scale and T-shot parallel to the blades
Scale on left and right side of table top
Wired 220v/60c/3ph
Internal stop for shearing
Scrap bucket

Coping Station -

A quick-change system for the coping blades with the blades mounted in a cassette with the correct clearance preset. Time consuming adjustment of blade clearance is eliminated.

Length of cut from 0.1 - 1.18"
3/16" capacity, mild steel*, 12 ga. Stainless**
Moveable foot pedal
Scrap bucket
* mild steel designated as 50,000 psi
** Stainless designated as 75,000 psi

BOSCHERT Patented Quality -

The patented Boschert TRI-GIDE™ system gives all Boschert notching machines the greatest accuracy and durability of any notcher made today.

TRI is for the three large guiding cylinders. Two cylinders are in the top of the machine, close to the blades, the third is in the base and fully integrated with the hydraulic piston.

GIDE is for the precise vertical travel of the ram. Torque from cutting heavy material is distributed evenly to all three cylinders.

TRI-GIDE™ Eliminates -

Blade clearance adjustment for different material thicknesses
Frequent blade sharpening due to sloppy guiding
Uneven wear, and replacement problems with
traditional guiding systems

Exclusive TRI-GIDE™ Benefits -

Long blade life due to precise, rigid ram guiding
Burr-free cuts on all gauges (within capacity)
Off-center loading – 1" x 6" notch is no problem

TRI-GIDE™ is just part of the overall quality and ingenuity that goes into every Boschert Notcher. Other features include:

Front-to-Back cutting - holds material against stops
Milled table surface – keeps material from sticking
Hi-Carbon Hi-chrome Blades – overlap on the cutting tip to eliminate blade chipping
Thousands of machines installed in North America
Parts for all machines ever built are available 


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