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Geka Semi Paxy Series


CNC-controlled X-Y gauging system
which interfaces with GEKA
Hydracrop and Puma machines.
X-Travel: 40” (expandable to 216”)
Y-Travel: 16”, 20” or 25”

Model SEMI-PAXY - For Plate, Angle, and Channel

This is an X-Y coordinate positioning table utilizing your choice of either a Fagor 102 CNC Control or a Windows-based touch-screen control with GEKA Pro PC software. The Semi-Paxy may be factory fitted onto any GEKA Ironworker or Single-End Punch with a 20" or larger throat.

Operation: The operator enters the hole punch positions into the control. The program moves the guides to the first hole position. The operator places the material against the guide stops and punches the first hole. The guides then move automatically to the next punching position, according to the programmed information. The operator repositions the material against the guide stops and punches the second hole. Operation continues until program is finished.

Model SEMI-PAXY Specifications
X-Travel: 40” (Optionally extendable up to 216”)
Y-Travel: 16”, 20”, or 25”
Speed (X & Y Axis): 24” to 480” per minute
Minimum positioning
distance from center
line die:
Positioning tolerance:  ± 0.003”




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